Tournament Rules, North American Spring Showcase (CCHA Sports)

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     1. Each team will be guaranteed four games. 

     2. No player can be added to the roster after the first game. 

     3. All tournament players must be listed on your first game sheet, which shall become your final tournament roster.

     4. A player can register on 1 roster only for the duration of the tournament. A maximum of 17 players may register and dress for each game.

     5. Game Sheets Home and Visitors status on game sheet shall supersede any other listings. Coaches must sign game sheets. All teams must complete their respective game sheets at least 15 minutes before scheduled game time to ensure no sweater color conflicts. In case of conflict in jersey colors, the Home Team has the right to choose their jersey colors. A maximum of four coaches allowed behind the bench.

     6. Game Times: Teams need to be ready to play. There will be a 2-minute warm-up prior to each game. 12-12-15 minute periods for all categories except for the 2018 teams, periods will be 10-12-12 with a buzzer to change.2018 Division will play in a 1-foot offside tolerance. In the event of a tie during the playoffs, there will be overtimeThe format for this overtime will be for the first 5 minutes 4 on 4 plus goalies. The next five minutes will be 2 on 2 with the goalies. Please note that at the end of the 5 minutes the buzzer will sound, and play will stop.

    7. In the event of a penalty during overtime the offending team will serve the as per the GTHL guidelines (offending team will be short player(s) for the duration of the penalty during the 4 on 4 and 2 on 2). If teams are still tied, we will go to shoot out. The first 5 players can be selected by the coach. If teams are still tied, 5 different players must be selected. No one player can shoot twice in any shoot out. No timeouts allowed in the round robinThere will be time-outs only in the Semi-finals or in Finals, where there will be 30 second time out. Only 1 timeout per team. Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game only.

    8. Mercy Rule: If by or at any time during the third period one team is ahead 5 goals or more, RUNNING TIME WILL COMMENCE and will not revert. If 10 goals or more separate teams at the end of the second period, or any time during the third period, the scoreboard will not display any additional goal.

    9. No Body Contact is allowed

     10. Scoring: 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.


     Tie Breaking Procedures:


    A) Winner of two teams. In the event of a three-way tie, this procedure does not apply.

    B) The best plus minus goals record.

    C) Add ‘goals for’ and ‘goals against’. The highest percentage will advance.

    D) Most wins.

    E) Most goals for.

    F) Fewest goals against.

    G) If the above procedures do not break the tie, a coin toss will be the final tie breaking procedure.